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Private treatment is available for all patients.

Providing flexibility on payment plans, cosmetic or corrective orthodontic treatment options, and no waiting lists!

Adult Consultation


At Ashlow Orthodontics, we provide NHS orthodontic treatment which is available for patients under 18 years of age free of charge. NHS does not cover cosmetic orthodontic treatment.

Private treatment is available for all patients and we offer flexibility on payment plans for both cosmetic or corrective orthodontic treatment, all with no waiting lists! Patients are indulged in a private consultation with an orthodontist professional who will assess the complexity of your dental alignment, discuss orthodontic treatment options for your individual needs, discuss affordable payment options, and provide the next steps to achieve your smile for life.

At your initial consultation with us, we will examine your gums, ligaments and jaw bone, and determine which orthodontic treatment is best suited for you. Our well experienced team will explain the treatment process, expectations, and intended results, so that you feel confident that you are making the right choice. At Ashlow Orthodontics, we want to ensure that you are 100% informed and comfortable about the orthodontic treatment recommended for you, so please ask as many questions as you'd like!

Features and Benefits

  • Cosmetic or corrective orthodontic appliance options

  • No waiting lists 

  • Private consultation with the Orthodontist

  • More frequent check-ups than with NHS treatment

  • Elucidation into how we will straighten your teeth 

  • Many options of brace systems to choose from

  • Affordable and flexible payment options

  • Follow-up and retainer consultations to ensure your smile for life


So, that smile for life can start today. Ashlow Orthodontics takes careful consideration into your specific needs, we want to see that smile for life and we know how to get you there. It’s our mission to ensure every client is 100% confident, 100% comfortable, and 100% satisfied with their orthodontic treatment.

For more information about private treatment or to book a consultation with one of our professional orthodontists, please contact us now, or use the book now buttons to the left.

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